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Perspective of a student: how the scholarship will help him

“As a student in Lebanon, I face many challenges when it comes to pursuing my education.  The cost of tuition and books is high, and my family struggles to make ends meet. I often  have to work long hours to help support my family, which can make it difficult to keep up  with my studies. 

Receiving a scholarship from will make a huge difference in my life. It will allow me to focus  on my studies and worry less about the financial burden of going to school. With the  scholarship, I could afford to purchase textbooks, pay for transportation to and from campus,  and even participate in extracurricular activities that I would otherwise have to skip due to  lack of funds. 

In addition to the financial benefits, receiving a scholarship would give me a sense of pride  and accomplishment. Knowing that there are people out there who believe in my potential and  are willing to invest in my future would motivate me to work even harder and achieve my  goals. With the help of this scholarship, I could not only make my family proud but also give  back to my community by using my education to make a positive impact in Lebanon”.